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Unknown territory February 11, 2009

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OK. It just occurred to me that I am opening myself up to dating more than one person at a time.

I hadn’t really thought it through until I started thinking about what my plans are this week. So, Corporate Lawyer is in the background somewhere (he’s going to a singles event on Valentine’s Day, but he “can cancel, if [I] want.” (What a lame response — of course I didn’t tell him to do it; he’s a grown man and can make his own decisions). So Saturday night is me by myself, which is perfectly fine with me.

Meanwhile, because I’d gotten the vibe from Corporate Lawyer that he’s dating around (often has his phone off in the evenings, texts me instead of calls me back, has mysterious other plans on other days in the weekend), I figured I’d open the field as well a few weeks ago. It was meant to be a simple “hey, let’s meet up at a gallery and see what happens.” But it turned into a “I can’t make it to the gallery, let’s meet up in person on Friday night” instead. So now I have a date on Friday night, with someone else. Let’s call him Indie Musician. So. No more me accusing Corporate Lawyer, or anyone else, of hypocrisy.

So now I have to figure out some strategies if this date with Indie Musician on Friday turns out well. He’s terribly cute in that dorky way that always gets my heart going, and I don’t want to start anything on a bad note, or have to hurt anyone’s feelings. Corporate Lawyer, meanwhile, wants to meet up on Sunday night; he’s taking me out to a performance.

I think “that talk” is coming up, real soon. Most likely this weekend when I meet up with Corporate Lawyer. It’s just too difficult for me to try to juggle two things at once (assuming there is a “thing” at all with Indie Musician). Even if it ends up in me being alone. Again.

You folks used to juggling out there, throw me a lifeline, would you?


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