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Back at the start. Again. And again. April 18, 2009

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I honestly don’t know how many times I’m supposed to be back here. Once again, someone who seemed promising started to distance himself. Then finally reveal that his ex is coming to visit him soon, and that they “just” broke up. More than 6 months ago. And that he doesn’t think anything might happen.

Doesn’t think so? How about knows for sure? How about that?

I am sick and tired of the games and the drama. When will this end?

Why is it so goddamned difficult to find someone to date?


3 Responses to “Back at the start. Again. And again.”

  1. Jen Says:

    I have no freaking clue. What I know is that if I had the answer to that one I’d probably be rich. You can guess I am not, right?

  2. Hi,

    Just thought I would stop by and attempt to drop you a positive note. I know that dating especiallly in these times can be rather difficult.
    Please do not give up and if I may add, you may want to try this, stop looking. Generally, when people are consistantly seeking a companion they tend to end up with less than stellar suitors.
    When you enjoy being with yourself, relaxing, and simply basking in the glow of being alive, someone will come along.
    These types of relationships tend to have more meaning and last longer. I pretty much think it has to do with the fact that your body language sends of a message that you are content with being who you are and that anyone who approaches you should only do so if he can add something positive to your existance.
    Regardless, you can rest assured that eventually the right man for you will come along. Patience is important as well as being prepared.
    I really enjoy your blog and I cannot wait to read what you post when you do meet the person whom is worthy of being with you.
    Good Luck, and I will continue to visit you here often.



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