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There’s no accounting for taste February 4, 2009

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I was catching up on some daily news and clicked on the “Who We Are” section of the online political mag I was reading to see who was behind the organization. And came right up with a stranger’s face which made my heart beat noticeably faster.

It’s not that he’s a looker, muscular, tanned, or square jawed. In fact, he’s quite the opposite: pale, a narrow, unremarkable face, hair smooth and thin, carefully parted to one side: the epitome of a dork professional. And yet, what I saw was a shadow of a smile, eyes slightly squinting against the bright sunlight, and a slight pout of a mouth that looked incredibly mobile. Pointless fantasies of kissing this mouth flashed momentarily through my mind. I read a critical, introspective gaze in his shaded eyes, the off-center body posture as a charming, alluring reserve.

This is the kind of guy who makes my heart beat faster. And there really is no accounting for taste. Particularly mine, clearly. No wonder my friends make fun of me!